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Securing your credit with loan insurance

Securing your credit with loan insurance

By applying for a bank loan to finance a real estate property, BNP Paribas Bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to ensure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets: You certainly know it but today Now, with the Lagarde Act you can freely choose your credit insurance offer and lower the cost of your bank loan.

Bank Loan and Insurance

BNP Paribas was born in 2000 from the merger. The French bank is currently one of the highest rated banks in the world (rated AA by Standard & Poor’s in 2012). It has one of the first international banking networks. Established in nearly 80 countries, BNP Paribas is a leader in its fields of activity. The bank is the first French company but also the 11th in the world.

Compare bank credit insurance rates and the individual loan insurance offer with the comparison tool

Discover all the solutions to ensure a  bank loan according to your borrower profile with an external loan guarantee

  • Borrowers practicing a risky sport,
  • Insurance for senior borrowers,
  • Borrowers wishing a job loss guarantee,
  • Credit insurance business dangerous,
  • Loan guarantee BNP-ParisNo health risks

Choose freely a credit insurance


Thanks to the Lagarde law of September 1st, 2010, you have the possibility of taking out your loan insurance with the insurance company of your choice. The bank can no longer refuse an insurance offer if the insurance contract has a level of guarantee equivalent to those of the group offers it offers.

Make a comparison of loan insurance

Find the best insurance offer using an online loan guarantee comparator! In this way, you will quickly obtain the best insurance loan quotes on the market.

BNP Paribas is one of the top rated banks in the world. The banking group is developing its business in 80 countries. His areas of activity are: retail banking, investment banking and financial engineering.

Optimize your loan buyback thanks to the broker


The broker can negotiate for you with the biggest financial players tariffs and conditions that it would be difficult for you to obtain alone. Soliciting the services of the broker will enable you to obtain the best loan conditions for your loan buyback transaction. By negotiating for you the best offer of buyback credit but also the insurance that best suits your needs, it will offer you the opportunity to benefit from the best in terms of credit and / or insurance. With its experience and expertise, the brokerage firm Mock can get you the best prices on the market!

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