Honor loan to do business: demand and requirements to get it

With the crisis a solution to the difficulty of finding a stable job could be the recourse, for those who do not have immediate liquidity, to the loan of honor ; creating business in fact, despite the high risks, today remains one of the few alternative chances to unemployment.

The law. 608 of 1996 introduced the honor loan

The law. 608 of 1996 introduced the honor loan

To provide benefits for investing in entrepreneurial activities. For a long time the granting of the loan of honor has slowed down, but, after a period of crisis and stalemate due to lack of funds resulting in the blocking of thousands of applications for loan of honor, with the legislative decree 185 2000 was approved a new allocation of funds for this sector of financing.

The dispensing service of honor is managed and, to obtain the financing, it is necessary to submit requests:

  • to create a micro-enterprise;
  • to carry out self-employment activities;
  • for franchising activities.

60 days must elapse from the date of receipt of the request to complete the preliminary investigation and attendance at information seminars coordinated by the regional companies. The application can be produced through the Invitalia Autoimpiego website.

You can proceed to download the application form for the loan of honor


In addition, it is prepared in the section of the website of the Consultants Union a consulting service to the subsidized loans section, where a form is prepared to have an evaluation by experts of your project and feasibility analysis.

The law provides for the granting of financial subsidies (non-repayable and subsidized loans) and technical assistance services for three types of initiatives:

  1. Micro- enterprises, general partnerships, simple companies, limited partnerships, with eligible investments (up to a maximum of € 129,114).
  2. Franchising , aimed at individual firms, to open a franchising business, cooperatives and de facto companies are excluded. Affiliation fees are allowed for the marketing of goods and the provision of services Decree No. 185 2000 provides for a non- repayable and subsidized loan that covers all investment costs and in the first year of activity a non-repayable contribution is recognized for management costs.
  3. Self -employment, for those who want to set up an individual company as self-employed workers. The investments granted may not exceed € 25,823 and depend on the planned investment.

Requirements to apply:

  • the age of majority;
  • card or residence permit valid for a period of at least one year following the date of submission of the application (in the case of a non-EU citizen);
  • hold the status of unemployed or unemployed in search of the first job;
  • corporate headquarters in Italy;
  • maintaining the company’s productivity, prohibition of assignment for at least five years from the date of admission to the facilitation and signing of full-time employment contracts.

Activities excluded from the benefit:

  • companies operating in the agricultural sector;
  • companies operating in the fish sector;
  • companies operating in the agricultural sector.

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