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The loan with the assignment of one fifth of the salary is a type of loan that provides for the payment of a sum of money for which no justification is requested on the use that is intended to be made of it. The only guarantee required for the provision of this type of loan is the stability of the workplace .

The installment is, in fact, charged directly on the pay slip or pension

pay slip or pension

Therefore, it will be the employer or the pension institution that will withhold a fifth of the salary (20%), which will be turned over to the financial bank by means of a monthly transfer.

The loan with the assignment of one fifth of the salary can be granted to workers with a permanent contract of private companies, to state and public employees, to doctors having an agreement, to pensioners. On the other hand, workers with fixed- term contracts and self-employed workers remain excluded from financing, at least for now.

The advantages of the loan with the assignment of the fifth of the salary are manifold


First of all, it is not necessary to engage in the difficult search for additional guarantees such as, for example, guarantors or mortgages. Furthermore, the credit institution will not have to sift through the financial situation of the applicant; precisely in this sense, only in Italy, credit can also be granted to those who have already protested or have other outstanding payments.

The installments can be extended up to a maximum period of 10 years, a condition that allows the disbursement of a considerable sum (from 3,000 euros to around 60,000 euros) against modest monthly installments and decidedly affordable interest. Moreover, with this system, there is no need to worry about the monthly payment of the installment, since the withdrawal is made directly at the source, and there is no risk of encountering the risk of insolvency, due to possible omissions.

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Honor loan to do business: demand and requirements to get it Sat, 27 Apr 2019 10:31:24 +0000

With the crisis a solution to the difficulty of finding a stable job could be the recourse, for those who do not have immediate liquidity, to the loan of honor ; creating business in fact, despite the high risks, today remains one of the few alternative chances to unemployment.

The law. 608 of 1996 introduced the honor loan

The law. 608 of 1996 introduced the honor loan

To provide benefits for investing in entrepreneurial activities. For a long time the granting of the loan of honor has slowed down, but, after a period of crisis and stalemate due to lack of funds resulting in the blocking of thousands of applications for loan of honor, with the legislative decree 185 2000 was approved a new allocation of funds for this sector of financing.

The dispensing service of honor is managed and, to obtain the financing, it is necessary to submit requests:

  • to create a micro-enterprise;
  • to carry out self-employment activities;
  • for franchising activities.

60 days must elapse from the date of receipt of the request to complete the preliminary investigation and attendance at information seminars coordinated by the regional companies. The application can be produced through the Invitalia Autoimpiego website.

You can proceed to download the application form for the loan of honor


In addition, it is prepared in the section of the website of the Consultants Union a consulting service to the subsidized loans section, where a form is prepared to have an evaluation by experts of your project and feasibility analysis.

The law provides for the granting of financial subsidies (non-repayable and subsidized loans) and technical assistance services for three types of initiatives:

  1. Micro- enterprises, general partnerships, simple companies, limited partnerships, with eligible investments (up to a maximum of € 129,114).
  2. Franchising , aimed at individual firms, to open a franchising business, cooperatives and de facto companies are excluded. Affiliation fees are allowed for the marketing of goods and the provision of services Decree No. 185 2000 provides for a non- repayable and subsidized loan that covers all investment costs and in the first year of activity a non-repayable contribution is recognized for management costs.
  3. Self -employment, for those who want to set up an individual company as self-employed workers. The investments granted may not exceed € 25,823 and depend on the planned investment.

Requirements to apply:

  • the age of majority;
  • card or residence permit valid for a period of at least one year following the date of submission of the application (in the case of a non-EU citizen);
  • hold the status of unemployed or unemployed in search of the first job;
  • corporate headquarters in Italy;
  • maintaining the company’s productivity, prohibition of assignment for at least five years from the date of admission to the facilitation and signing of full-time employment contracts.

Activities excluded from the benefit:

  • companies operating in the agricultural sector;
  • companies operating in the fish sector;
  • companies operating in the agricultural sector.
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Beauty Salon & Spa Loans & Financing Sun, 21 Apr 2019 08:15:29 +0000


We Can Help Your Beauty Salon & Spa

We understand that you need to keep your staff motivated and your customers happy. The one frustration that you could do without waiting to work. We would like to help you expand your business, expand your services, and invest in marketing and advertising. A fixed or flexible Loan solution through Thinking Capital offers quick and smart financing to secure the health and finances your business needs to succeed.

Unlike traditional lenders, we do not require a lot of documentation to approve a small business loan. The application process is quick and easy and can be completed online. You can receive a pre-approved quotation in 24 hours. With the help of our industry experts, we will be able to meet the needs of your business.

Grow Your Beauty & Spa All Year Long With These Tips Below



A great way to get new customers. Put together a Refer a Friend Program for customers who love your services and provide incentive for bringing their friends in. They also love to be pampered. Renovate your waiting room where customers can wait for their appointments in style.



Gift certificates are very popular over the holidays. Make sure your customers do not leave without adding an additional service or product. Have your questions and answers to questions about your customers.



Spring is the season for weddings and graduation. What special promotions are you offering brides-to-be and graduates? Stand out from the competition by hosting bachelorette parties, bridal party-makeup services and sponsor bridal fashion shows.



Your customers will be going out a lot more in the summer and will want to keep up with their appearances. Consider expanding services to include dry blow and nail bars, eyelash extensions, coloring, waxing, and spray tanning.

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Simulation Loan Insurance – online and cheapest Sun, 07 Apr 2019 07:32:52 +0000

Securing your credit with loan insurance

Securing your credit with loan insurance

By applying for a bank loan to finance a real estate property, BNP Paribas Bank offers you to subscribe to a bank loan insurance to ensure your loved ones as well as your real estate assets: You certainly know it but today Now, with the Lagarde Act you can freely choose your credit insurance offer and lower the cost of your bank loan.

Bank Loan and Insurance

BNP Paribas was born in 2000 from the merger. The French bank is currently one of the highest rated banks in the world (rated AA by Standard & Poor’s in 2012). It has one of the first international banking networks. Established in nearly 80 countries, BNP Paribas is a leader in its fields of activity. The bank is the first French company but also the 11th in the world.

Compare bank credit insurance rates and the individual loan insurance offer with the comparison tool

Discover all the solutions to ensure a  bank loan according to your borrower profile with an external loan guarantee

  • Borrowers practicing a risky sport,
  • Insurance for senior borrowers,
  • Borrowers wishing a job loss guarantee,
  • Credit insurance business dangerous,
  • Loan guarantee BNP-ParisNo health risks

Choose freely a credit insurance


Thanks to the Lagarde law of September 1st, 2010, you have the possibility of taking out your loan insurance with the insurance company of your choice. The bank can no longer refuse an insurance offer if the insurance contract has a level of guarantee equivalent to those of the group offers it offers.

Make a comparison of loan insurance

Find the best insurance offer using an online loan guarantee comparator! In this way, you will quickly obtain the best insurance loan quotes on the market.

BNP Paribas is one of the top rated banks in the world. The banking group is developing its business in 80 countries. His areas of activity are: retail banking, investment banking and financial engineering.

Optimize your loan buyback thanks to the broker


The broker can negotiate for you with the biggest financial players tariffs and conditions that it would be difficult for you to obtain alone. Soliciting the services of the broker will enable you to obtain the best loan conditions for your loan buyback transaction. By negotiating for you the best offer of buyback credit but also the insurance that best suits your needs, it will offer you the opportunity to benefit from the best in terms of credit and / or insurance. With its experience and expertise, the brokerage firm Mock can get you the best prices on the market!

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Early repayment of a loan: extinction and penalty calculation Tue, 19 Mar 2019 09:50:23 +0000

If there is the possibility of extinguishing the loan thanks to an unexpected availability of liquid, it is good to close the financial report at the bank where you are in debt. For this reason there are some c lausole in case of early termination of the loan.

The early repayment is used for convenience,

To eliminate the payment of the monthly installment or to request a new loan

To eliminate the payment of the monthly installment or to request a new loan


Through the option of early repayment the current financial report will be closed, and a new loan or first home loan can be requested.

Findomestic and the possibility of early termination

An example is offered by the Findomestic bank where, if it is decided to close the relationship with an early redemption by returning the residual capital in a single solution, this will also include the interests.

Starting from 1 June 2011, in the event of early repayment, the payment of a penalty to the customer, equal to 1% of the amount repaid in advance, must be considered. This if the loan has already been in place for over a year; if the amortization period is less than one year, the penalty will be 0.5%.

Adds the clause that it is not necessary to pay the penalty if the amount reimbursed is equal to the total of the residual debt, or if it is equal or less than 10,000 euros.

Extinguishing count

There are various possibilities to request early repayment of the loan



It is also possible to carry out simulations with some software present online. In some cases it will be enough to go to the branch of your own bank and request the total to be paid (precisely, the extinction count ) which will require bureaucratic materials.

In other cases, it will be necessary to make a request by mail via registered letter with return receipt. After receiving the reply, the total balance will be paid, via a bank or postal transfer. Once this is done, it will be possible for the client to request a new personal loan or a mortgage.

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